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Imagine Dragons

This past wednesday I went to the Imagine Dragons concert here in Guadalajara, I had an amazing time and took a bunch of photos so yeah, prepare for the spam hehe..


I got the dress that I’m wearing a few years ago. It’s from Topshop. I really like the quality, it’s fitted but it isn’t super tight like other bodycon dresses usually feel. Actually all my Topshop items have been excellent quality, it makes me sad to know that it’s not available to get where I live anymore ;_;




My sister and me ^^

And now for actual photos of the concert (they were taken with my phone’s camera so sorry about the quality!)




finally, some of the videos I took ^^

Tropical Print

I’ve changed my haircolor one more time; now it’s a dark blonde/light brown shade & i’m so happy with it, it’s the perfect shade and totally the color i was looking for! 😀

Anyway this is what i wore to go eat some delicious ice cream with my mom 😉 Perfect for the hot weather.

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Candy Print

Hey ♥
I got this dress a few years ago, and i still wear it oftenly. Everything about it is so pretty: the candy print, zipper top (not visible here) and the lovely peplum skirt. I wore it in a different way today, mixing it with black and dark lipstick. I love the way it looks and how versatile it is! I’ll try to make more outfits in other styles with this dress 😀

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