Spikes & Baroque Print

This is an outfit i put together some time ago for a video challenge called “$30 Outfit Challenge”. The challenge was to create a complete outfit (except for the shoes) under 30 dollars ^-^ I was lucky enough to find many good stuff at low prices hehe.

The prices of everything:

  • Bershka Snapback Cap $5.30
  • Studded Collar Blouse $17.60
  • Stud Ring $1.49
  • Blue Baroque Print Skirt $3.80 (crazy!!)

Total: $28.19 





I think it turned out pretty well. I especially like the snapback cap as i was already looking to get one (i was going to order one online) and i found this one on sale for super cheap, yay! ^o^

Anyway gonna get ready to watch Game Of Thrones later ♡ as always thank you for your lovely comments!

Spiked collar

Hello everyone!

This is not really a new outfit as probably most of you have seen it on my chictopia or on lookbook but since i hadn’t posted these photos here on my blog i decided to make a post about them.

Though i do promise there’s going to be photos of a new outfit tomorrow so don’t forget to keep visiting my blog 😉

Thank for all of your comments and i will return them as soon as i can on your blogs! 🙂

Outfit info:
No brand spiked collar
Zara t shirt
Zara maxi skirt
Fahrenheit heels

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