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✞ UNIF Sample Sale Haul ✞

Soo recently there was an online UNIF sample sale and I bought a bunch of awesome stuff!


I bought 1 shirt, 2 beanies & 1 bra ^.^


These are the beanies I got, great quality and they only costed $10 each!





This is the shirt I got, it was $25 and it’s super soft, the material feels very fresh as well ♡


The Downer bra. It was only $20 ^-^ and it looks incredible!! I can’t wait to make an outfit with it♡

i’m not the same girl you used to know

Pretty Good bat-winged top, American Apparel high waisted shorts, TUK creepers.


Call It What You Want

Hey everyone!

I’ve been thinking of starting a Youtube channel. I would post tutorials and other kind of videos, reviews and stuff like that. What do you guys think? Should i do it?

And about today’s outfit:
These glasses are like my new obsession! I just love them so much, i could wear them everyday. The hat & collar i just got a few days ago, it always makes my day receiving my orders on the mail.

Thank you for all of your comments and i will return them on your blogs!

Outfit info: ASOS bowler hat, Romwe collar, Zara t-shirt.