Wishlist Wednesday – birthday edition

Tomorrow is my birthday so i thought maybe a (mini?) wishlist post would be appropriate for the occasion hehehe 😉

from Modcloth.com

Fruit Stand Dress Gorgeous 50s style dress. I don’t know why but lately i’m into this style of dresses, they look so flattering and nice, i’d love to get one but i still haven’t found one here that isn’t super expensive. This one is from Modcloth.com and it has a sweet cherry print on it, so cute! 😀

UNIF Hellbounds So badass! These are the ones in the colors i like the most (in no specific order) Mermaid Pink, Pink and black’s not my favorite but they look so cool with the rainbow laces. They’re pretty similar to the Jeffrey Campbell ‘Lita’, i wonder if they’re as comfortable? hmm…

awesome prints

Printed leggings from Romwe They have many different designs on their website, but these ones are probably my favorites. Oh and the best part is they’re not pricy either! 😀

Call It What You Want

Hey everyone!

I’ve been thinking of starting a Youtube channel. I would post tutorials and other kind of videos, reviews and stuff like that. What do you guys think? Should i do it?

And about today’s outfit:
These glasses are like my new obsession! I just love them so much, i could wear them everyday. The hat & collar i just got a few days ago, it always makes my day receiving my orders on the mail.

Thank you for all of your comments and i will return them on your blogs!

Outfit info: ASOS bowler hat, Romwe collar, Zara t-shirt.