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Candy Print

Hey ♥
I got this dress a few years ago, and i still wear it oftenly. Everything about it is so pretty: the candy print, zipper top (not visible here) and the lovely peplum skirt. I wore it in a different way today, mixing it with black and dark lipstick. I love the way it looks and how versatile it is! I’ll try to make more outfits in other styles with this dress 😀

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I’ve been feeling very motivated to do more pictures & videos lately because we’re finally getting spring weather, no more rain or windy days! hehe 😀
Anyway, as you can see i got straight across bangs again! 🙂 i was a bit bored with my side bangs so i decided to go shorter. I’m thinking of maybe changing the color too because the manic panic dye i use fades too quickly (in two showers, it’s completely blonde again!) so i’m looking to get a better hair dye to keep my hair lavender and i don’t know maybe even try mint? 😉