Timey Wimey stuff


So this post is going to be a little bit of an update on stuff i’ve been doing lately, i was hoping to post this like a week ago but i kinda forgot (woops :S). Anyway, a few weeks ago i was lucky enough to get tickets for a screening of the Doctor Who 50th Anniversary special on the premiere date. It was absolutely INCREDIBLE! Almost everyone there was a fan and it was just an amazing atmosphere overall. It made the watching experience much better in my opinion and I was surprised to see how many people in GDL like Doctor Who. I wore my “Bow ties are cool” t shirt from Hot Topic hehe~




On a different topic, there is a now a Forever 21 store in Guadalajara! And I can finally say i get the love for it, everything there is so pretty and so inexpensive unlike other places here. I think it’s my favorite store now ♥