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Timey Wimey stuff


So this post is going to be a little bit of an update on stuff i’ve been doing lately, i was hoping to post this like a week ago but i kinda forgot (woops :S). Anyway, a few weeks ago i was lucky enough to get tickets for a screening of the Doctor Who 50th Anniversary special on the premiere date. It was absolutely INCREDIBLE! Almost everyone there was a fan and it was just an amazing atmosphere overall. It made the watching experience much better in my opinion and I was surprised to see how many people in GDL like Doctor Who. I wore my “Bow ties are cool” t shirt from Hot Topic hehe~




On a different topic, there is a now a Forever 21 store in Guadalajara! And I can finally say i get the love for it, everything there is so pretty and so inexpensive unlike other places here. I think it’s my favorite store now ♥


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Hot like mexico, rejoice!

Yesterday was my sister’s birthday so we went to a restaurant called ‘Casa Bariachi’. This was actually the first time we’ve ever gone there and it was really fantastic! The decoration is so pretty and colorful, the food was delicious and the service is wonderful, too. And there’s usually mariachi there too but we were a bit late so yeah lol… Very recommended if you ever come to Guadalajara! ;)

Awesome piñata lights, i want one for my room =P

Some of the food we ordered. 1. Molcajete with arrachera 2. Fajitas 3. Quesadillas 4. Carrot cake

My sister Rosalva, happy birthday!

After that we went home to celebrate with cake but we didn’t eat because we were so full from all the food we ate at the restaurant (okay, i ate a small slice but then i wasn’t able to sleep all night XD).

You should definitely check out her Chictopia account she has a very cute style :D

PS: Here’s an extra photo of us ha!

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Google Friend Connect news

Very important news to all of my followers on Google Friend Connect:

From March 1st you won’t be receiving any more updates from my blog because the service is closing for blogs hosted outside of blogspot so i recommend you start following me in any of these other ways:

Make sure to tell me in the comment section so i can return the favor and follow you back if i’m not following already!

And on other news I finally got my digital camera back! Now i can take pictures more often :P
The problem with my Canon is that it’s too heavy for carrying it around everywhere i go and i’m afraid i may lose it too XD

PS. here’s a bonus picture of this amazing frozen bubble tea with tapioca i drank a few days ago, so yummy! :P

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