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We’re flying on paper planes hoping it don’t rain

This is actually an outfit from a few months ago when the weather was sunny and perfect for a light dress. Unlike now, it’s been SO COLD! I’m freezing as i type this hahaha so that’s why i haven’t took any new photos 🙁

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Outfit info:
Oysho dress
Bamboo wedges

Song Of The Day: Paper Planes Pixie Lott



Trying a new hairstyle, lately i’ve been wanting to experiment new things on fashion a lot.
I get bored pretty easily, i guess that’s the reason why i like being different everyday. I am also a perfectionist and that doesn’t really help haha 😛

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Outfit info:
No brand spiked collar
Zara yellow tank top
Zara hot pink skirt
Liliana t-strap bow heels

Song of the day: RadioactiveMarina And The Diamonds

When I’m Alone

Hi 🙂

I’m currently trying to grow my fringe/bangs out, any tips on keeping them out of my face? Also I bought some accessories these days (the headband & necklace i’m wearing on these photos are some of them) pictures coming soon!



dbdk heels black platform