♡ Wishlist Wednesday #4 ♡


Glitters For Dinner Pink Tartan set $75


UNIF Bait Dress $118


LAMODA UK Pastel Spice Pink Platform £18.00


Glitters For Dinner Pink Alice Dress $65


Discount Universe Classic Eye Halter in Pink $129

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✞ UNIF Sample Sale Haul ✞

Soo recently there was an online UNIF sample sale and I bought a bunch of awesome stuff!


I bought 1 shirt, 2 beanies & 1 bra ^.^


These are the beanies I got, great quality and they only costed $10 each!





This is the shirt I got, it was $25 and it’s super soft, the material feels very fresh as well ♡


The Downer bra. It was only $20 ^-^ and it looks incredible!! I can’t wait to make an outfit with it♡

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♡ Favorite Nail Polishes Spring 2014 ♡

Here are some of my favorite nail polishes for this spring!


1. Sally Hansen Hard as Nails Xtreme Wear in color “Pacific Blue”
I always buy so many blue nail polishes, they always caught my eye and this hue is no exception.

2. OPI Gwen Stefani collection in color “Push and Shove”
I’m still in the look for that perfect chrome look silver nail polish and I think this one looks close to it, I really want to try it out.

3. Sally Hansen Hard as Nails in color “Hard-core Party”
This nail polish is perfect. It is the most loveliest pastel pink and it makes your hands look super pretty ♡

4. China Glaze in color “I’m with the Lifeguard”
So cute and perfect for spring!

5. Nina Ultra Pro in color “French White”

I adore the look of completely white nails so this shade is very necessary : P

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