Tattoo Choker

I’m wearing my tattoo choker and it reminds of old memories, me and my sister used to have a bunch of these in different colors many years ago. I wonder if I still have them somewhere. So many trends from my childhood are coming back hehe :”D I also bought a pair of jelly sandals yesterday, I’ll try to post some photos of them here soon.

PS: Please excuse my messy hair, this hot weather is really difficult with bangs!


2 thoughts on “Tattoo Choker

  1. Desirae

    Awesome outfit! That dress is great. Also, I too am so excited about all the 90’s trends coming back! Especailly, the jelly sandals! I do remember getting blisters from them when I was younger, but I feel like I’m willing to take that risk again for an adult sized pair haha


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