VOGUE Fashion’s Night Out Guadalajara

For the first time ever in Guadalajara Mexico; Vogue Fashion’s Night Out…

What i wore for FNO

I’m wearing Moon Collection dress, House Of Holland suspender tights, Lita España boots by Jeffrey Campbell. I wanted to wear something a bit dressy but still comfortable to walk around the shops and i think this was the perfect choice 🙂 I also did my hair half up and romantic curls & for makeup champagne eyes with a light coral lipstick.

The opening ceremony started around 7:30pm with the team of Vogue Mexico and ambassadors for FNO Guadalajara.

We were a bit tired of waiting in there with the hot weather so after that we just went to Starbucks and had some frappes 😛

I look a bit different in this photo, don’t I? but whatevs, i like it anyway haha

They also offered us this lemon bread and it was so FREAKIN' GOOD!

This model had such beautiful hair i felt obliged to take a picture.

And to finish the post… my favorite picture of myself from that day 😉

It was a very fun experience and hopefully they’ll do it again next year. We need more events like this in the city!

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  1. ADORING your blog like crazy right now hun!! We have similar similar styles (though your is waaay cooler)! Wish I’d attended were I come from Vogue night out in London!

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