Too late

Hi everyone!
I’m currently in process of redecorating my room, got lots of ideas for it so i’m pretty excited about that, maybe i’ll show you pictures of it when it’s finished 😛 And on other things i’ve been doing also i’ve been working on making videos for my youtube channel, so if you’re on youtube too i’d really appreciate if you could give me some advice for what kind of lighting to use for videos and tips on starting a new channel ♥

Thank you for all of your lovely comments and i’ll comment back on your blogs 😉

American Apparel high waisted disco pants in Navy, Jeffrey Campbell lita cosmic.


2 thoughts on “Too late

  1. little moon lover

    yo no soy tan fan de los floral prints.. aunque me gusten, al ponermelos, no me siento “yo”… pero esa ultima blusa me agrada por la combinacion de colores.. y parece


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