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Google Friend Connect news

Very important news to all of my followers on Google Friend Connect:

From March 1st you won’t be receiving any more updates from my blog because the service is closing for blogs hosted outside of blogspot so i recommend you start following me in any of these other ways:

Make sure to tell me in the comment section so i can return the favor and follow you back if i’m not following already!

And on other news I finally got my digital camera back! Now i can take pictures more often 😛
The problem with my Canon is that it’s too heavy for carrying it around everywhere i go and i’m afraid i may lose it too XD

PS. here’s a bonus picture of this amazing frozen bubble tea with tapioca i drank a few days ago, so yummy! 😛

Wishlist wednesday #1

Chicwish Vintage Style Jeweled Collar. I need more detachable collars in my life, like this one from Chicwish.

1. Happy Socks Big Spots Tights. 2. House of Holland For Pretty Polly Super Suspender Exclusive To Asos Tights in Pink. Colorful tights are something i can’t enough of! The first ones are so pretty, the color is lovely and i love the big spots. The suspender pink tights are amazing too. The only problem i have with buying tights online is that sometimes they rip and it’s expensive to get replacements 🙁

I’ve been admiring these Underground for Ashish Studded creepers for a while at ASOS website. They even come with a tipp-ex pen to customize them yourself, how cool is that!!

American Apparel Multi Layered Petticoat. I’d love to get this, especially to layer under dresses and skirts!#1 is in color nude/ballet pink and picture #2 is color ballet pink though i don’t really see a big difference #1 looks a bit darker i think?

I hope everyone had a great Valentine’s day ♥♥♥♥♥

I just really want to be with you

A valentine’s day inspired outfit 😉

This bodysuit is another piece i received from Vedette Shapewear 🙂
It’s been really cold where i live lately so i layered it with a blouse from Zara underneath and also high waisted shorts & some tights. I was also wearing a black blazer although i didn’t took a picture with it sorry hehe.
This bodysuit is so incredible and the fit is amazing. I believe wearing shapewear as outerwear is just the perfect combo between chic, comfortable and confident 🙂

I edited these photos to make them more colorful (pink trees, yay!), this rainy weather has been making everything so colorless and pale 😛

Thank you for all of your comments and i will return them on your blogs!

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