Trying a new hairstyle, lately i’ve been wanting to experiment new things on fashion a lot.
I get bored pretty easily, i guess that’s the reason why i like being different everyday. I am also a perfectionist and that doesn’t really help haha 😛

Thank you for your lovely comments and i’ll return them in all of your blogs!

Outfit info:
No brand spiked collar
Zara yellow tank top
Zara hot pink skirt
Liliana t-strap bow heels

Song of the day: RadioactiveMarina And The Diamonds

8 Replies to “Radioactive”

  1. Waaoo! You are incredible! I have fallen in love with your blog, I like so much your photos and the best of all is that you have a great personal style! I follow you obviously, many kisses 🙂


    youre macarons looks deeeelish. and guys wouldnt mind whats underneath, tee hee!

    love the color palette and your hair colorrrrrrr /urayamashiiiiii (> 3<)`//

    it would be lovely if we exchange links! (But my blog is so dead now)

  3. I LOVE your hair in this one!

    Any tips on how you did the two buns? I’m being poison ivy for halloween and that is exactly what i’m trying to make happen. I can’t seem to make them sturdy enough to handle walking around, much less a party…

    Awesome blog also. I’m a photography student so I love the work that you’re doing. Very similar styles to mine.

    1. Thanks!
      First you have to make the front part of your hair into 2 sections, then you have to roll each section of your hair (similar to pin curling it) but instead of making it flat, roll them going up and then secure it with bobby pins and finish with hairspray, make this in front of a mirror so you get them even, also try to not use a lot of hair because they will be heavy and the bobby pins may fall. It’s a little hard to explain but i hope you understand what i’m trying to say, if you have any more questions about it please feel free to ask! 🙂

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