Monthly Archives: March 2011

Born March Of ’86

^ The title it’s not about me…

It’s the song called “Again, Again” and It’s about Lady Gaga!!
Today March 28 is Lady Gaga’s birthday, i absolutely love and admire herl! 🙂

That’s the reason why i’m wearing my Gaga t-shirt from Zara and my fishnet tights 😉
I’m also wearing my new sunglasses, my lipstick necklace, my boots & my skull print skirt from Zara.

Thank you very much for all of your comments, you are amazing!!



Get It Right

This is what i wore today, my floral print skirt with a white t shirt from zara, green jacket, my owl necklace, my bag & my new shoes 🙂
Lately i’ve been wearing lots of floral print!

And the title is “Get It Right” from Glee, i really hope they keep doing original songs because that song is beautiful!

Thank you for all your comments!! 😀




Polka Dotted

I have always liked the polka dot pattern, so i absolutely adore this dress, the colors, the peter pan collar (it’s so pretty!) & the shape of it 🙂
Wearing it with my brown oxfords (they’re sooo comfortable, i wear them everywhere!), my giraffe ring & one of my owl necklaces.

Thank you for your comments 😀